01. - 04. October

Our biggest and most internationally known event of the year is our festival, Soul Sessions Extended, which takes place in Oslo every October at Sentralen. Because of the current situation with Covid-19 in our lives, the festival will be a limited version this year. Only battle- and showcase participants (dancers) are able to attend physically because of limited venue capacity. All audiences can enjoy this year's festival digitally, through a brand new and interactive digital plattform - Estraad!

In true Soul Sessions Oslo spirit there will be battles, panel talks, showcases, a Graffiti session and jams. There will be 1 vs. 1 battles in several styles and expressions; Break, Hip Hop, House and Funk styles like Waacking, Locking and Popping. There will also be a 2 vs. 2 Rookie battle, where beginners of all ages get down on the floor.

The line-up of DJs, MCs and judges usually contains representation from all over the world. Regardless, we are proud to present top shelf artists mainly from our local community in Norway. To lead us through this weekend are the two MC's Balita, from African Sunz, and Mathias Jin from King Wings Crew and dEEp doWN dopEizM. You can enjoy the festival digitally from wherever you are, as long as you have a computer or a smartphone.

We can promise good vibes, quality music and battle moments we have all been waiting too long for! It has been a while since the dancers have been on the floor battling and exchanging with each other, so we have a feeling this will be hot! You will have the opportunity to catch up with your friends in the digital space and choose your own “lookalike”-avatar! You can even send some love and support to the physical space and the dancers with our custom-made emoticons!

Share your moments with us and use the tag #SoulSessionsOslo on your post or story, and we will continuously upload selected pictures into the platform.


Choose between a one-day ticket or a full festival-pass to access the digital platform.

  • One-day ticket: kr. 50,-
  • Festival-pass: kr. 100,- (all days)
  • The Graffiti session and panel talks are free!

Everything will be streamed LIVE! It will not be possible to watch the festival on demand at a later date.

FYI! Events like these are not always exactly on schedule, especially now with the added uncertainties associated with Covid19. We ask you to be patient and positive, as we do our best to be on time! Chill out with some good food and a drink, and enjoy the best music and other fun happenings during both our planned and unforeseen breaks.

A huge thank you to our partners:
  • Sparebankstiftelsen DNB
  • Sentralen / Sentralen UNG
  • Kulturrådet

20:00-21:30 Panel Talk - Moncell Duren & Niki Tsappos Free
14:00-17:00 Live Grafitti Session with Pay2 Free
17:30-19:00 Showcase Competition Battles
20:00-23:00 House Battle 1vs1 Battles
13:00-16:30 Rookie Battle 2vs2 Battles
17:30-22:00 Hip Hop Battle 1vs1 Battles
11:00-13:00 Panel Talk - Cliff Moustache & Michael Niako Lamarre with Moderator Nadine O. Constant Free
13:00-16:00 Break Battle 1vs1 Battles
17:00-20:00 Funk Style Battle 1vs1 Battles

Auction & Donations

Pay2 will be painting on several canvases, and you will be able to buy a unique part (canvas) of the total masterpiece afterwards.

Donations will go to the organisation “Kids Breaking League” (KBL), which is run by Bboy Kid Glyde from the legendary crew Dynamic Rockers from New York City.

Judges, DJs and MCs
Recap from 2018